10 th Bipartite or Pay Commission like Central Govt, which will you prefer ?

Saturday, May 1, 2010
9th Bipartite Settlement is over .

There is a new agenda raise from the bankers that bank employees are getting almost half of salaries being paid to their counterparts in govt. dept and 10 th bipartite should clear the parity of salary with Central Govt.
Mr.Nadaff commented this argument in all his recent meetings and he said that we should not compare bankers with IAS officer and the 40% raise to govt employees only for IAS IPS cadre , the bottom level employee of the govt got only 20%.
And he admits in the same meetings IBA offered 6 th pay commission pay structure to the bankers and want to with draw all benefits given earlier to bank people.

One thing it is clear that IBA was ready to offer 6 th pay commission pay structure to bankers and the discussion for 9 th bipartite talks was not started from this point.

This IBA offer of 6 th pay commision pay structure was not disclosed to the common bank men and there were no open discussion transparent of 9 th bipartite talks.

As 9 th bipartite has already over ,there are some forums appearing in the web not disclossing their afiliation disscussing issues without any focus or goal and just spreading dissatisfation of the members and causing confusion among members.And it appears that their main aim is to dis organise the bankers.Bankers espesially the UNION LEADER SHOULD CAUTIOUS ABOUT THIS .
Technology has given modern tools to exchange ideas and have discussions with friends across the country through the internet.The facility has to be implemented by every associaion in thier official web site and the leaders have the duty to take up the issues to the Management or Government.

I maintained this blog for the following reasons:
I have come across many good articles on bankers' issues.I felt some are very reasonable and not carried over to appropriate leaders .Also the same has to be shared with bank men friends. These are the issues must have place in discussion during 10 th bipartite talks and surly to be implemented for the welfare of bankers.

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